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The music of an audio-visual mass recorded at the souls of Hollywood's Mulholland Drive, The S.Tate House and an ancient area of Germany where Kenneth Anger once filmed Lucifer Rising.

Turn on the Hollywood Sacrifice Teleportation Machine, enter the world of the lost souls.

Mater Suspiria Vision's first album recorded in the USA with guest vocals by How I Quit Crack. A harsh production that recalls early albums such as Second Coming or Crack Witch, containing rituals and requiems in memoriam of hollywood's sacrifices.

1. A New H Of Consciousness 5:06*

2. HALLUCINATION 1969 19:26

3. Infinity Ritual*

4. Messiah Of Evil 9:47

5. Out Of Body 7:11*

6. Hollywood Requiem 4:53*

*feat How I Quit Crack

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